Over the summer, we brought an old warehouse at 31st & Spring Garden to your attention, noting the likelihood of new student housing in a vacant lot behind the dilapidated old structure. At the time, we spotted a zoning notice at a vacant lot across the street, on the southeast corner of Spring Garden, and wondered what they might be about. The other day, we were in the area and noticed this sign (which may have been here for months, we must admit):

The sign

Looking at the handy L&I Map, we see that plans have indeed been submitted somewhat recently for 3070 Spring Garden St., the address of this corner property. Last year, the ZBA approved plans for a three story building with seven parking spaces, a real estate office over two stories, plus two apartment units. Public record seems to indicate that the parcel is only 4,000 sqft in size, so we’re not exactly sure how the developers intend to include 7,000 sqft of office space along with the parking, but it must work out somehow.

The approvals for the project came back in 2011, with a couple of modifications to the plans coming through back in March. But in the months since, no progress appears to have taken place. When this project finally does begin construction, it will represent one more development to take place on the far end of the Powelton neighborhood. Also, it will possibly be the closest development to the potential Septa rail yards project that may be taking place in the decades to come.

Rail yards, through the haze

We’ll keep an eye out to see if and when this project gets off the ground, and will fill in some of the blanks when that happens.