In another small step forward for a process now more than three-and-a-half years old, City Council’s Committee of the Whole will hold hearings on the Preliminary Report from the Zoning Code Commission. These hearings are likely to be introductory and preliminary in nature, as City Council members won’t want to have too much on their minds as they begin their twelve-week summer vacation in the coming days.

One item of interest that may be introduced at these hearings: Councilman Green may introduce an amendment to the report that would potentially delay full implementation of the new Zoning Code for an additional five to eight years. Think that sounds terrible? Don’t trust Council to get this right? Think it sucks that our city’s legislative body gets a three-month vacation? Skip work on Wednesday, show up at Council chambers, and give them the Philly sports fan treatment. Booooooooo!!!!!

The hearing will take place on Weds., June 15th, at 10am in Room 400 in City Hall.