When we last checked in on the corner of 4th & Fitzwater, new construction at the southwest corner was approaching completion. Remember, the building that once stood here burned in the spring of 2013, leading to its demolition. While its replacement was under construction, Jack B. Fabrics moved to the 743 S. 4th St., on the southeast corner. In the months since our last visit, the construction finished up and the fabric store moved back to its original location, leaving the space across the street vacant. But it appears as though plans are in the works to fill that space.

Former and present home of Jack B. Fabrics

LCB notice in the window across the street

The names on the LCB application are Scott Schroeder and Patrick O'Malley. Schroeder, according to Philly Voice, is the chef at SPTR and American Sardine Bar. O'Malley is a pastry chef. As of last week, there were no additional details on the project.

For now, we'll have to dream about what possible plans are in store for this space, in a location that we've considered ripe for a bar/restaurant for years. On surrounding blocks, and certainly up toward South Street, there are no shortage of places to grab a bite or a pint, but Fabric Row represents a different animal. Slowly, this corridor has been turning over in the last few years, as fabric stores are fading away in favor of cafes, book stores, salons, and the like. A bar would seem like an intuitive addition to the mix, and the corner location makes the space all the more desirable.

As for what the place will be like and what it will offer, stay tuned.