Three weeks ago, we told you about the latest proposed project near 19th & Poplar, four duplexes plus parking a little to the north of the intersection. This project, of course, is in addition to a half-dozen other projects we’ve told you about in this immediate area, all of which are recently completed, in progress, or about to be undertaken. Today, we have yet another project that’s on the horizon, this time on Ginnodo Street.

Vacant lots

According to a zoning application, Home Solutions Group LLC will be combining 1835-37 Ginnodo St. and constructing a duplex at this location. In case you’re wondering why only one building will be constructed on two lots, each lot is only 12′ wide, which is just a pinch too narrow for a new construction house. Well, at least one that you would be excited to buy.

You may recall, Ginnodo Street is also the site of a large construction project, which will ultimately result in ten new homes across the street from the project mentioned above. At this point, homes three and four are being framed, and homes one and two are just getting finished up.

Across the street

And that’s not all that’s happening on Ginnodo! To the south, a project we mentioned back in April is getting framed out as we speak.

Southern end of Ginnodo

And on the northern end of the street, MetroImpact owns a couple of lots that will surely be redeveloped in the near future.

A sign among the overgrowth

A couple of years from now, you’ll hardly be able to recognize Ginnodo Street or some of the surrounding blocks. With all of these new neighbors on the way, Flying Carpet may need to consider expansion…