In the last decade, the face of Northern Liberties has changed dramatically. Vacant land has filled in, the 2nd Street commercial corridor has substantially turned over, and the combination of the Piazza and Liberties Walk have created a whole new community. With all the large-scale projects that have been built, developers are constantly scrounging for buildable parcels, even when those locations wouldn't necessarily strike the average person as a place to build a new building. Over a year ago, we told you about a garage on American Street that fits that description. Another garage sits to the south, there's a parking lot to the north, and another parking lot lies across the street. On the plus side, Liberties Walk is just up the block.

In the past

Just to the north

Last year, we told you that the guys who built a mixed-use building notable for its Subway location at 11th & South were planning to replace a garage at 1015 N. American St. with a new building with four apartments and four parking spots. In the months since, new developers have stepped forward to buy the parcel, and they've revised the plans a smidge. Instead of four apartments with four parking spots, the new plan is for five apartments with four parking spots. It appears the ZBA approved the plan despite NLNA's efforts to get an additional parking spot in the project.

Current view

As you can see, the first floor is now built out, framed in steel and cinderblocks. If you happen to pass by soon, enjoy the view of the Piazza. Soon, it will be blocked out by a new apartment building.