When we think about the Fairmount neighborhood, we generally picture tasteful homes, appropriately developed corner retail, and a growing commercial corridor. Somehow, the corner of 23rd and Brandywine Sts. has has stood apart, remaining a vacant, densely wooded stretch with a couple of dilapidated homes in the vicinity. But not for long.

The corner

Next to a shell

23rd & Brandywine LP, a company owned by successful local developer Loonstyn Properties, purchased the seven parcels on this corner back in August for $1.425M. A couple of weeks ago, the developers went before the ZBA requesting variances to build homes on the four empty lots fronting 23rd St. They will be constructing three story homes with roofdecks and garages, and will ostensibly rehab the adjacent shell. That is, assuming they’re able to defeat what appears to be an aggressive, man-eating plant on the side of the building.

The people who purchase these homes will find themselves in a desirable part of the neighborhood, just a couple of blocks from Fairmount Ave., a few blocks from the Schuylkill River trail, and uncomfortably close to the Art Museum fireworks on July 4th. While we don’t have renderings for these homes, we’re optimistic (hopeful) that the developers will build a nicer product than the garage-front homes across the street.

Ah, the 70’s…