Our coverage of Francisville has dropped off somewhat in the past few months (give us a break, winter’s kind of slow!), but things are still moving along in this up-and-coming neighborhood. Three projects are ongoing on the 800 block of 15th St., vastly improving a block that clearly needed (and still needs) some help.

First, an update about 812-14 N. 15th St., a project we first told you about back in October.

In October

Today, looking from the north

This six unit apartment building has clearly made plenty of progress in the past few months, and should be ready to go before we know it.

Meanwhile, right across the street, the interiors of 809 & 811 N 15th St. have been gutted. The buildings were purchased a couple of months ago by Churchill Investments for $50K. Because the homes are zoned C2, the owners will likely be going to zoning in the months to come, and we won’t know their definite plans for these places until then. We’re guessing single family homes.

Gutted, indeed.

Creekview Investments (which may or may not be related to Churchill Investments) purchased 808 N 15th St. and has likewise gutted the inside. It sits just a couple of doors to the south of the new construction building and we’re again going to predict a single family home.

Gutted house and new construction

As we said back in October, the new development on this block is wonderful news for the area and very consistent with the numerous other projects in the neighborhood. This block won’t achieve its full potential, however, until the RDA sells off its numerous city owned lots on both sides of the northern end of the block.


C’mon City of Philadelphia! What are we waiting for?!?!