Growing with our community

OCF Realty provides comprehensive services in property management, leasing, home buying and selling, and real estate development. We have the privilege of developing in the many communities that make Philadelphia great and we’re passionate about being a positive contributor in the city we call home.

What We Do

Real Estate Sales

Whether you’re looking to Buy, Rent, Sell or Develop, you’ve come to the right place. Our agents are not just local experts, but fellow neighbors with unique access to prime properties.

Property Management

From leasing to tenant relations to building maintenance, our skilled team of agents and property managers are here to service your investment day and night.


Our development team has overseen dozens of projects in Philadelphia, ranging from one-off home construction to multi-home developments to mixed-use apartment buildings.


OCF is your neighbor in more than one way. We also own and operate five OCF Coffee Houses and two restaurants, Burg’s and Sidecar, which help us stay connected to the community.

Latest Blog Posts

Years Later, Renovation and Reuse at 23rd & South
In their 1963 song "South Street," when the Orlons referred to the "hippest street in town," they were unquestionably referring to South Street on the eastern side of Broad. We don't remember quite that far back, but according to our memory, South Street East has always dominated South Street West in terms of energy, pedestrian traffic, and the sheer number of businesses. And that will probably continue to be the case in the future, though South Street [...]
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Dock Street Brewery Expanding, Opening New Location on Washington Avenue
It was maybe a few weeks ago that Mrs. Fox's car started making some funny noises, so we took the car over to our favorite auto garage in town, Sodi Brothers, just south of 22nd & Washington. It was the middle of the day and we were banging on the garage door for a few minutes before a neighbor passed by and broke the news that Sodi's was gone, and might open again in West Philly. We [...]
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Hurry Up and Wait on the 700 Block of Carpenter Street
It's been a minute since our last visit to the 700 block of Carpenter Street, as it last caught our attention toward the end of 2016 when an older two-story home at 729 Carpenter St. got torn down. At the time, we didn't know what was going on with this property, though we suspected that the demolition activity hinted at redevelopment on the horizon. Checking back on the property today, we see nothing has happened just [...]
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Why Work With Us?

There are so many unique things about each of Philadelphia’s neighborhoods – and we’re proud to take part in creating within the communities we call home. Whether you’re looking to buy your first home, sell an old property, develop some land, or simply find someone to manage properties you own – you’ve come to the right place. Our team of skilled real estate professionals can help you at every step of the way, and provide sound piece of mind for how to best utilize your assets. Bottomline though, we’re locals who care about fostering a vibrant community. If you’re curious about options you have with property you own, or are looking to put you money to good use in the booming Philadelphia real estate market, our family at OCF Realty would love to work with you and yours.