The other day, we told you about a neat program from the Passyunk Square Civic Association to address blight in the neighborhood. One of the properties featured in that post, 923 Federal St., sparked an email from a reader, wondering about the property. We did a little digging and, unfortunately, had little success.

The home in question

A few steps further back

This home, along with the three story building next door, was purchased by Antoine Abi-Salloum for $290K a couple of years ago. We can’t find anything out about this individual, except that they also own an auto shop at 25th & Snyder. While 923 Federal St. does indeed look terrible (and is eligible for a Doors & Windows citation), it’s looked like this since well before the new owner took possession. Hopefully, Abi-Salloum will take responsibility for this property and either fix it up or tear it down soon. Considering the location, it seems like a no-brainer.

Across the street

Does anyone out there have any recollection of the story behind these two homes? Has the new owner done anything to improve 921 Federal St., or is it still in fixer-upper condition? Does anyone remember a time when someone was living in these homes? Help us figure it out, kind readers! Winner gets a cheesesteak from Geno’s.

Ok, not really.

From 1960. From