Pumpkin Cafe Bullied Out Of Location By James Cyril Campbell

James Cyril Campbell is the proud owner of 1609 South Street and the hated landlord of Pumpkin Cafe‘s Ian Moroney and Hilary Bor. Why are they hated? Well Hilary won’t say, but anyone who has passed by the location, knows that the ongoing dispute over the lease (this has been going on for awhile) has materialized itself in a closed Pumpkin Cafe. It’s sad, but not too sad: the Pumpkin Market across the street has been revamped to include a small kitchen, downstairs eating area and Pumpkin Cafe menu. Bor assures us there will be outdoor seating as soon as the snow stops and encouraged us to drink a complimentary shot of Jen-Ji (a local, flu-killing concoction of lemon juice and ginger). We feel a little better now, but we still miss the milkshakes.