Twenty-Seven Apartments For 7th & Berks?

A reader recently reached out on Twitter (follow us @nakedphilly), curious about some construction activity at 1901 N. 7th St., in a section of town we don't get to very often. We took a peek on the old Google Maps time machine function to see that this property looked totally awful as recently as a couple of years ago.

In the past

Now, however, it's a huge construction site.

The other day

The plan for this site is nine triplexes, making a total of twenty-seven new units. The developer is PRDC Properties, though looking at their sign on the site they'd be happy to sell the project to you if you're interested. When we reached out to the developers though, we were informed that it's their policy to not comment on any projects beyond what's in the public record. So let's look at the sign and call it a day.

Buildings will look pretty nice

It seems likely that these apartments are being built with Temple students in mind, with the edge of campus located just four blocks to the west. That being said, it represents one of the more easterly projects we've seen; let's agree that the rail tracks that run between 9th and 10th Streets represent a significant barrier from the school. Maybe the huge Paseo Verde project, completed last year at 9th & Berks, will make it easier for students to make the trek under the tracks moving forward. Or maybe there's just not as many development opportunities anymore to the west, where we've seen the bulk of student housing construction in the last several years.

New construction a couple blocks to the west

As is the case with most student housing development we see, we still can't get over how lousy our accommodations were by comparison. Kids today, they don't know how good they have it.