Teaful Bliss Will Have Coffee Too! And Won’t Charge Extra for the Bliss

Teaful Bliss Cafe will be coming soon to the corner of 11th and Spring Garden Streets, bringing something to the table that this area does not currently possess- a quaint little coffee shop. According to owner Jeffrey Mouzon, Teaful Bliss Cafe will offer a new, modern approach to the coffee house/tea room experience. He will be trading in the antique wood furniture and floppy couches for sleek, inviting decor while making sure not to fall short on the intimate experience that you would expect from this kind of establishment. Mouzon is not working with any outside contractors as he owns his own remodeling company, Mouzon Home Remodeling, so he will be doing all renovations on his own.

International blends, baked goods, frozen yogurt, smoothies, art exhibits, and free Wi-Fi to patrons (for when stealing it from your neighbor is no longer an option); these are just some of the amenities that we can look forward to with the planned mid-August opening (reliant on inspections, zoning, and permits). Another huge perk of Teaful Bliss will be its outdoor seating, something that seems to be catching on in the area. By the time autumn rolls around, this place is going to be jammed, Llama Tooth will have lines around the block, and Union Transfer will be selling out shows. We’d say that the corner stores, Chinese take-out spots, and drivers license restoration places in the area have officially been put on notice- times are changing on Spring Garden St.

–Kaitlin Bostwick