Part of a Point Breeze Parking Lot Turning Into a Home

Last week, the ZBA approved the application for a new home at 1159 S. 19th St., which was previously part of a surface parking lot for a funeral home across the street. In the past, the funeral home was operated by the Pelzer and Kirkland families, but the Kirkland's have moved to a new location. Since the Kirkland family owns the lots across the street and is no longer associated with the business, it makes sense that the lots are getting developed.

Interior lot is being developed

Funeral home across the street

From what we can recall from the sparsely attended neighborhood meeting, the project had refusals for lot coverage and a garage. We're a little surprised that they got approval for the garage, but more power to them that they did.

In case you're wondering about the two lots to the south of the future home, look for those to be developed in the near future. With the approved garage immediately next door, would it be reasonable to expect two more garages to appear at the corner of 19th & Federal? Or perhaps the corner home could have a parking spot in the rear. Garages or not, it always makes up happy to see another surface parking lot redeveloped. Think we can maybe root them all out in the next few years? Let's try, eh?