Apartments Coming Next to Former Pretzel Place?

When we visited the 600 block of Federal Street earlier this week to find out about what's happening at the former Federal Pretzel Baking Company building, we certainly didn't expect that we'd be coming back here so quickly. Alas, the story sparked the curiosity of one of our readers, who wondered about 630 Federal St., the building immediately next door. This stucco-covered building was at one point an auto garage, but we don't think it's been used for those purposes for quite some time.

The building

The property is huge, extending all the way to Manton Street, like the former pretzel place next door. But the dimensions would not make the property attractive for demolition and redevelopment, since it's really deep at 154' but rather skinny at 48' wide.

View on Manton Street, new duplex next door

So new homes here would be tricky. But a conversion into an apartment building would actually seem pretty straightforward. And that's seemingly what's in the works. Developers bought the property earlier this year for $510K and have plans to build a second and third story addition on the existing building. That addition will house thirteen apartments which we'd imagine will be offered as rentals. Also included in the plan will be a first floor retail space (for who knows what) and nine parking spots. We're a little unclear how they'll be able to do this without going to zoning due to the lack of a rear yard but it seems that's what's happening. On the plus side, this is one of the uglier buildings you'll find around town and some TLC will surely improve its curb appeal.

The current view on the block

And hey that reminds us, remember this sweet home down the block which also benefited from an addition? We still haven't given up hope that we'll someday get a tour.

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