What to Replace Hoagie City on Market Street?

Across the street from Trader Joe’s, a vacant retail location is available for rent on the not-so-commercially- thriving-yet-still-enticing 2100 block of Market Street.

Vacant space

Hoagie City has gone the way of see-ya at 2136-38 Market. It goes without saying that they were no Sarcone’s, but what will come next in this 4200 sqft space currently listed for $6,500/month? More sandwiches? Crepes? Another adult video store?

Porn shops still exist?

Perhaps it was the location- bordered by a Salvation Army Thrift Store on its west-end and Le’s Gal’s and Book Bin II, two adult stores on its east-end- that led to its demise. The question: what entrepreneur has the cojones to try to make something happen here?

Zoning on that side of Market Street, the south side, is handled by the Center City Residents Association. The north side of the street is under the jurisdiction of the Logan Square Neighborhood Association. Neither zoning committee has heard anything about what type of business might occupy the spot, or when.

Is there something unattractive about the block? (Oh yeah, the porn). A trip to Trader Joe’s on any weekday evening is enough to show there could be an opportunity for commercial success here. Note, the multi-million dollar Murano, next door to TJ. The under-construction AAA Building. And the likelihood for redevelopment at 1919 Market, where there was a Pennsylvania Horticultural Society pop-up garden last season.

If someone could embrace these connections and brainstorm based on these factors, a chance for a new business to thrive might just be on the horizon for the former Hoagie City. Here’s hopin’.

–Lou Mancinelli