Freehouse Fitness Will Join the Fray on South Street West

We last checked in on 1430 South St. a few months ago, shortly after the removal of the scaffolding that covered its facade for many months. Remember, this project includes a building with 32 rental apartments and a large retail space on the first floor, along with four homes on Kater Street. Now's as good a time as any to mention that this is a project brokered by OCF Realty, the owners of this website.

The building is pretty much done

Well folks, the building is finished and the apartments are now available for rent. Front units are available for $1650/mo, and rear units are listed for $1500/mo. A limited number of parking spots are also available. But the big news today is that a tenant has signed a lease for the retail space on the first floor. Per a post on their Instagram account, Freehouse Fitness Studio is coming soon. So what will that look like?

Freehouse Fitness offers several types of workout classes. Looking at their website, we can see one of their classes prominently features resistance bands, another uses trampolines, and there are some others that seem like variations on pilates classes. When they're done fitting out the space, they'll have a lobby, bathroom/shower space, and two classroom spaces. And it will be a great addition to a corridor which continues to grow, with new buildings and businesses seemingly popping up every month. Let's cross our fingers and hope that in the coming year, this block will again see the return of a PHS Pop-Up Garden. And maybe the parking lot down the block could finally get redeveloped at some point in the future?

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