The Neighborhood’s First (and MTV-Worthy) Music Video

Philadelphia’s most creative entertainment industry workers are at it again. Designing a studio on 1600 North 5th Street, the founders of The Neighborhood set up both a physical workspace and a professional network to help new Philly productions launch. The studio is literally a Truman Show-esque reproduction of suburban houses (used as offices) complete with streets and street lamps. The environment is an atmosphere where artists can feel inspired and collaborative. The Neighborhood allows production companies that need on-site filming to use their “neighborhood” instead of travelling to the exact locations (think fake MGM Studios a la The Great American Movie Ride) or being at the whim of weather conditions. A successful project has already come out of The Neighborhood from one of its first tenants, Dave Patten and David HW Ricks III of South 9 Entertainment (click here to watch more videos produced and filmed in The Neighborhood and to see the trailer to their new move, Acceptance). South 9 Entertainment just released a single called “How Good,” a video that could easily be on MTV (actually, we are wondering why it isn’t). We are so proud.

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