Kensington Kinetic Race: Dirt, Mud and Welding

Kensington’s Kinetic Sculpture Derby
is set to take place at noon on May 21. This old-fashioned derby “race” around the neighborhood has a twist: instead of a traditional boxcar, the vehicles in this derby are kinetic sculptures, human-powered vehicles with an artistic theme. The event is less a competition for time, and more a parade and design competition to rival more known events like the Red Bull Flugtag, with prizes for costumes and vehicles. Brought to life by the New Kensington CDC’s economic development department, the race was a huge hit last year and attracted over 6000 people, with 29 teams entered and more than 200 people riding. Kinetic vehicles will need to be able to ride on any kind of road (sand, mud, dirt) through the Kensington section of Philadelphia, they must be human-powered (this means no pushing, pulling or walking) and everyone must be sober. The designs are pretty impressive feats of artistry and, in some cases, welding. Start gathering a team of up to 12 “pilots” and register here before May 1.