Edward Corner Building Coming Down?

Two years back, we openly wondered about the blighted Edward Corner building, located at the corner of Delaware Avenue and Shackamaxon Street. At the time, we determined that Core Realty owned the property, but couldn't figure out when or if they'd be bringing the building back to life.

The building, a couple years back

We somehow didn't notice a Plan Philly story from 2010 which detailed a preliminary plan to renovate the building and open a diner on the first floor. With so much time passing though, it seems those plans were only preliminary. Though low-resolution, the rendering looked pretty nice, and we especially like that the ghost signs would have been preserved.

A low-res image of an old proposal, from Planphilly

This morning, while we scanned our Twitter feed, we came upon the news that Core Realty is now looking to demo the building.


The aforementioned tweet referenced an upcoming Fishtown Neighbors Association zoning meeting where the developers are presenting a plan for a twelve-story building with 180 apartments and retail. The project will also include twelve townhomes. And a ton of parking. Sadly, the project would mean the end of the Edward Corner building.

There will surely be more information forthcoming on this project, surely at the community meeting if not beforehand. As this project is only in the planning stages, perhaps there's a world in which the existing building can be incorporated into the redevelopment plans. Let's hope that there's some room for negotiation. As the upcoming FNA meeting will also include a presentation for another parcel a block away on Delaware Ave., expect it to be extremely well attended. Maybe we'll see ya there.

  • SSHD resident

    South Street East rents are too damn high, and the South Street Headhouse District is obstructionist. It’ll be all fun and games until Mr. Serpico tries to get a single, limited-hours valet parking space approved by the SSHD board. I think I’ll take popcorn to the meeting.

  • I dunno, if recent history is correct if Stephen Starr isn’t selling really awesome skull bongs then whatever he does isn’t going to last too long on South Street. Maybe take a page from Cracker Barrel and do a head/gift shop with a dining area.

  • 1980CHAMPS

    Whatever happened to the Roots Mural/7-11 at the old McDonalds?

    • Guest

      Things don’t get built overnight? The 7-11 needed a hard to get variance for take out under the old zoning code but can probably be done by right under the new one. Hopefully that will come soon. I’d much rather them put windows and residences on the upper floors than a mural.

      • 1980CHAMPS

        The Roots mural had a date scheduled in July.

        I do agree about putting in windows and residents after what happened with nearby Lorenzo’s.

  • Peanuts

    murals suck just more blight!

  • Amarikah