Arbor House Taking Root on York Street

We spied construction at 2318 E. York St. a couple of months back but didn't understand what the project entailed. A commenter quickly straightened us out, explaining that it was a nine unit condo development from Postgreen Homes called Arbor House. For those unfamiliar with Postgreen, they've done numerous projects in Fishtown, East Kensington, and South Kensington over the last few years including the $100K House and Awesometown. Not only are their projects typically environmentally conscious, but they're consistently building some of the most unique looking new construction in the neighborhood.

Checking in on Arbor House over the weekend, we see there's been quite a bit of progress since two months ago, when foundation work was happening.

Current view

According to the project website, the 2 bedroom 1-2 bathroom units will start at $275K, with the average square footage sitting just above 1,100. Each unit will include either yard space or a deck of some kind, and the entire project will seek LEED Platinum certification. Postgreen has recruited Jenny Sabin to design the cladding for the buildings, as they loved her contributions to their Folsom Powerhouse project in Francisville. Several initial concepts were considered and ultimately scrapped.

Possible project rendering

Another potential rendering

Ultimately, Ms. Sabin came up with a plan that should look incredibly cool in the end.

Project will look like this

Like we said, Postgreen tends toward the unique. And this would indeed look like nothing else in the neighborhood or anywhere else in Philadelphia for that matter. We're really into it, what do you think?

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