New Condos Coming Near Mighty Mick’s

Allow us to present to you our latest installment of our long running series, Development Near the El. On our last episode, we covered a collection of triplexes under construction on the 1900 block of E. Dauphin St., and before that we told you about new construction on Huntingdon Street, right next door to the El station. You might think that proximity to the El would dampen development enthusiasm, but with demand at an all-time high in East Kensington, developers are buying and building wherever they can find a deal.

Two new buildings are pretty far along

This week on Development Near the El, we visit the 2000 block of E. Susquehanna Ave., where a project is already in progress. Developers bought 2021 and 2023 E. Susquehanna Ave. last year, and have since torn down a two-story home and framed out a pair of triplexes. In situations like this, we sometimes have to guess whether the developers are taking the rental route or the condo route, but they’ve saved us the energy by already listing two of the units for sale. A 1st floor unit is currently listed for $310K and a 2nd floor unit is listed for $300K. We have to think the upper units will be listed at a higher price, but just how high we cannot say. A reminder, these units are mere steps away from the El.

Looking toward the El

Nearby on Front Street are two Philadelphia landmarks, Mighty Mick’s gym and J&M Tropical Fish. Neither of these places ever truly existed, but if you’re a big Rocky fan, you know what we’re talking about. And even if you’re not a big Rocky fan, you’re probably aware that the building that was used as Adrian’s pet shop was demoed earlier this year, and now there’s a sign posted at the site to commemorate the “business.”

Mighty Mick's, at the end of the block
Former site of Adrian's pet shop

You’re not gonna get too many tour groups up this way to see these movie locations, but it would be pretty cool to live nearby. For the six people that eventually buy the units now under construction on Susquehanna, it’ll be a neat perk. Being a few blocks from Frankford Avenue won’t be too bad, either.

Edit: Thanks to a commenter who correctly pointed out the J&M Tropical Fish did, indeed, exist in the real world. Our bad.