New hotel looking like it's gonna happen

Remember like two years ago when word came out that a hotel was planned for 17th & Chancellor and everybody freaked out because this meant that Little Pete's was going to lose its lease? Over the following year, we heard that maybe it wasn't going to happen, then the developers got a councilmanic ordinance and it seemed like it would indeed happen. Then another year passed without much news and we'd been wondering whether the project had fallen through. Next month though, the developers will present their plans at Civic Design Review, giving us a strong sense that this project will indeed move forward.

Not so exciting, aside from the location

While walking through town to meet up with some friends over the weekend, we sought some shade on the 2100 block of Waverly Street and were surprised to discover a couple of ongoing projects. We don't typically stumble upon development in this high rent part of town, making the projects a little more notable than they'd be if they were happening in South Kensington, for example. First, let's look at 2031 Waverly St., a new duplex that's getting built on a lot that was previously used for parking.

A duplex is under construction

This 850 sqft lot was listed for sale a bunch of times over the years, finally selling for $215K in 2013. We would have to imagine that the developers will sell the units off as condos, and though we don't see any listings as of yet, given the desirability of the location we suspect they'll eventually sell for high prices. Incidentally, we first thought that the garage next door was related to the new building but alas, it's just being used for parking for the adjacent property on Pine Street. Thinking about it, the different brick color was a dead giveaway and next time we'll have to pay closer attention.

A little space on an amazing corner

What do you get for the neighborhood that already has everything? Popsicles, of course! And just in time for autumn!

For as long as we can remember, 229 S. 20th St. was home to a picture framing shop which closed at some point in the last year or so. For several months, we've passed by this storefront wondering what could be taking over and whether a new place could possibly exude as much awesomeness as next door neighbor Yogorino. And wouldn't you know it, the phenomenal artisanal popsicle store Lil Pop Shop opened a new location here earlier this week. Per Eater, the store will be open all year, even in the cold months. Moving forward, if you're in the mood for froyo and your friend is feeling popsicles, everyone can walk away happy. And so the world is a slightly better place.

Something's brewing in there

It's no secret that the South Street West corridor has seen amazing growth of late, with the 1600 block in particular seeing a bunch of new restaurants joining the fray. In just the last few years, Indian Restaurant, Magpie, Miles Table, Entree, and Founding Fathers have opened their doors, and Tio Flores opened less than a year ago. And wouldn't you know it, the culinary options on this block look like they're getting ready to expand once again.

It's been sitting empty for many years

Raise your hand if, at some point in the last decade or more, you've wandered past 325 S. 18th St. and wondered how there could possibly be a blighted and vacant building here, at one of the most desirable locations in town.

<Looking around, seeing a ton of hands in the air>

Yeah, we've pondered the case of this building ourselves, both privately and through the megaphone of the internet. We first wrote about it back in the summer of 2011, then we revisited it in 2012, hopeful that it was getting fixed up. Alas, when we checked in on the property earlier this year it still looked like crap. Needless to say, neighbors are entirely fed up with this property- it probably isn't impacting anybody's property value, but it's still got to be all kinds of aggravating to stare at this building as it slowly rots.