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Slowly but surely

The 1400 block of Bainbridge Street has seen incredible change in the last decade. The primary driver of change on this block has been the high-end Artisan homes, which have risen in two phases over several years.

Artisan homes

Close to Broad Street, two of the largest homes in the neighborhood have been under slow but steady construction for over a year, on a lot where a large auto garage once stood. The last time we checked in on this project, framing was just getting underway. Now, the homes are pretty much framed out.

Framed out

A reader asked us on Twitter about this project, suggesting that some other sites have stated that the homes are only 1,900 sqft in size. Obviously, that ain't the case. Perhaps because they saw the conversation or maybe by total coincidence, representatives from Landmark Architecture reached out to us, clarifying some of the info for these homes. They will each have 16,000 sqft of interior space and another 4,000 sqft of deck space. The homes will have six or seven bedrooms, and eight or nine bathrooms. Amenities include parking, an au pair suite, basement basketball courts, and a swimming pool. And we got a rendering, too!

Will complete the block

We last visited the 1900 block of League Street back in October, and when we went there today it looked almost identical. One notable exception is that there's a duplex under construction at the corner of 19th & League, which we brought to your attention several weeks ago when it was only a hole in the ground. Today, there are five newer homes on the eastern side of the block, near the construction. Five more homes on the block's western side have been completed in the last six months. But a large gap remains in between the two projects.

Homes on the eastern side
Western side, mind the gap

That gap will soon be filled by an additional five homes which we would guess will strongly resemble the homes pictured immediately above. A fence is up and foundations have been poured, suggesting that construction could soon get underway.


In addition, there's one more foundation on the block's eastern side, next to the framed out duplex. When all these projects are finished, it will represent a dramatic transformation for this block. Back in 2007, there were zero homes on this block, and a stone yard took up a big chunk of its western end.

Cafe plan looks sunk

About two years ago, we shared the exciting news that 2132 Montrose St., a former nuisance property located next to Julian Abele Park, could be replaced by a new mixed-use building with a cafe on the first floor. In the intervening years, the park has undergone an impressive transformation, but the building hasn't changed a bit.

Julian Abele Park

With so much time having passed, it should come as little surprise that this project appears to have fallen through. Yesterday, we spotted a month-old listing for the property, indicating that if something exciting happens here it will come from someone other Ilkur Ugur, the guy who opened Divan Turkish Kitchen on the opposite side of the park before the park even existed. That business was replaced by Sowe, which was replaced the Strip Joint just a few months ago. So on the plus side, the park does have someplace to eat nearby.

Green Aisle betting on it

On the 2200 block of Grays Ferry Avenue, a storefront that's seen some turnover in recent years is preparing to turn over one more time. In 2008, Betty's Speakeasy opened at 2241 Grays Ferry Ave., and had a pretty good run, closing about a year ago. Last November, Juice! opened up in the former cafe space, offering juices, smoothies, and some foodstuff as well. But things didn't go so swimmingly for them, as they closed up a few weeks back.

The space

But it seems this location won't stay vacant for long. Earlier today, we spied a tweet from Green Aisle Grocery that they've signed a lease to take over this space. They currently have a store on Passyunk Avenue, which has been popular since it opened a few years back. We've known for awhile that Green Aisle has been looking for a second location, and we're pleased to see that they're expanding into a totally different part of town.

Check 'em out

Several months ago, we told you that a large lot on the 1400 block of South Street which had for years been used by the Jamaican Jerk Hut for music and outdoor seating was set to be redeveloped. At that time, we mentioned that the developers, the folks who built the mixed-use building down the street at 1612-16 South St., were still trying to determine exactly what they would do on the lot. We noted that a six-story building on South Street with forty apartments would have been permitted by right. We also mentioned that possibility of a six-story project going all the way to Kater Street, with seventy-two apartments.

View on South Street

It seems that they have opted for a little less height and density than we might have expected, and are proposing a five-story, 32-unit mixed-use building for the site. In the rear, there will be three single family homes and one carriage house which hovers over access to a small parking area in the rear. JKR Partners has done the design work for the project, and we present their renderings for your consideration.