Graduate Hospital

Quadplexes coming soon?

For years, as the Graduate Hospital neighborhood has improved by leaps and bounds, an old warehouse has remained on the 1700 block of Carpenter Street. This building, we believe, was once home to Lerro Products, a laundry care company that now makes its home in New Jersey.

In the past

If you visit 1729-35 Carpenter St. today, you'll see that the buildings have recently been demolished. We've actually expected this to happen for quite some time, as we remember Metro Impact presenting plans for this property a couple years ago at a SOSNA zoning meeting. We actually could have sworn we told you about it, but apparently not. According to public record, Metro Impact sold the property last fall to different developers for $1.68M.

Current view

Back in May, the developers went to the ZBA with plans for five quadplexes, with four on Carpenter Street and a fifth on Montrose Street.

Cool for us but scary for them

This may set a record for quickest followup post ever on Naked Philly, but here goes anyway.

Yesterday, we shared the good news that construction was underway for Bloc23, a four-story condo building at 23rd & Bainbridge. We were excited because the project has been in the works for several years and also because it's one of the more thoughtful projects we've seen come down the pike, especially in a neighborhood not exactly known for its excellent new construction architecture. After seeing our post yesterday, the developer reached out with news of an unexpected discovery on the site.

Future Bloc23
A hole in the ground at the site

You may be wondering what you're looking at. Here's a peek down the hole:

Condo building will put its neighbor to shame

The block of Grays Ferry Avenue between South and Bainbridge has seen some wonderful changes in recent years. Most notably, a pedestrian plaza has claimed a section of the street for humans, creating a vibrant public space that's used all year long. Businesses like Igloo and Green Aisle Grocery have joined stalwarts like Grace Tavern, adding amenities in the neighborhood. And soon a new building at Grays Ferry & Bainbridge will add more residents and some additional commercial opportunities to the block.

View of Grays Ferry hitting Bainbridge Street

We've actually covered this property in the past, most recently a couple years ago after the ZBA gave its approval. Remember, this project was tied up for quite some time because a few near-neighbors mounted a legal challenge, forcing a series of small changes. But now, as you can see, there's some equipment on the site and construction is moving forward.

But what remains has some sweet street art

Back in the day (about 15 years ago), when there were over a thousand vacant lots and buildings in the Graduate Hospital neighborhood, 908 S. 21st St. kind of blended in with its surroundings. As the neighborhood has improved and vacant lots and buildings have disappeared, this building's condition has worsened while becoming more and more obvious.

In the past

But hark, the building has been demolished! Perhaps due to all the L&I violations.

Building has been demolished

Developers purchased this property earlier this year for a whopping $260K. They can build a duplex here by right, which would seem to be the way to go here. No doubt, the neighbors won't be sad to see a new structure arrive on the scene. The same could surely be said for 2100 Carpenter St., just a few doors to the south, but that building remains vacant and blighted.

This building is still around

This property has had the same owners since 2006 and has a ton of violations, but very little tax debt (surprisingly). It recently got a Doors & Windows violation, which means that it should at least look less horrible in the near future. Or perhaps the people who own it will be inspired to sell the thing.

Closing the gap is more like it

Ah, the 1900 block of Kimball Street. As recently as 2006, we're pretty sure there were no homes on this block. With dozens of homes having been built in the years since, it's one of the most Graduate-Hospitaliest blocks around. More than three years ago, we visited this block, bringing the construction of a couple of new homes to your attention but noting the continued presence of a vacant lot on the north side of the block. Now it seems that gap will finally get filled in.

A sea of bay windows
Six zoning notices

Developers bought 1911-1921 Kimball St. a few months back, paying $875K for the six lots. Some quick division tells us that this breaks down to about $146K per lot which is remarkable considering the small size of the lots and the fact that they're half a block from Washington Avenue. Then again, considering the speed at which homes are selling in this neighborhood, maybe they got a decent enough deal. Homes have sold on this block for over $500K, though with a garage, but we still expect each of these new homes to sell for at least $450K.