Two duplexes recently framed

The 1200 block of N. 28th Street has seen some changes since we visited last summer. At that time, a four-unit building, a triplex, and a duplex were all under construction. All of those projects appear to be finished, but some other projects are now underway, as you might expect in booming Brewerytown.

New four unit building and new three unit building both look finished

Across from the few-years-old North 28 building, two duplexes are currently getting framed out. Developers purchased 1245-47 N. 28th St. in the last half year, paying $45K per lot. These duplexes are happening by right, but we couldn't tell you whether the units will be offered for rent or for sale. Not sure that it matters all that much, as either use will be an upgrade over the vacant lots that were here before.

If you can find the street, that is

It was just a couple of months ago that we last visited the 1200 block of N. Etting St., a Brewerytown block that's seriously seen some better days. This block might have seen more redevelopment by now, considering its close proximity to improving Girard Avenue corridor, but it's a little hidden, only accessible via the 2700 block of W. Stiles Street. Still, we were encouraged a couple of months ago to see that two new homes had sprung up on this little block, among a sea of vacant lots.

The 1200 block of N. Etting St.
Two new homes on the western side of the block, lacking front stairs

On the eastern side of the blocks, among the overgrown weeds, we spied a couple of zoning notices.

This could be huge for the neighborhood

Brewerytown is picking up speed. West Girard continues to improve incrementally, with a new place from the Pizza Brain guys coming soon. Developers are building new homes and renovating vacant buildings at an accelerating pace. MM Partners is doing their thing. Ditto Westrum, with over a hundred new apartment units across two projects in the last couple of years. And now, one of the big dogs in the neighborhood, the old Red Bell Brewery at 1500 N. 31st St., has changed hands. This should mean that redevelopment is on the horizon. 

But we're not sure who owns the property

The Old English Tavern sat vacant and blighted at the corner of Taney & Poplar for many years, tempting people like us that constantly wonder about redevelopment possibilities and torturing neighbors with its deteriorating condition. The building was in poor condition, but it did have an amazing sign.

Several years ago
This sign surely ended up in a dump

About two years ago, the building was demolished, which surely came as a relief to everyone in the neighborhood. Since then, the lot has sat vacant.

What will the neighborhood think?

We're probably subscribed to every community group e-newsletter in town, and on days we're willing to sift through the neighborhood minutiae (lost cat! found dog! parking is getting tougher! neighborhood wine tour! school bake sale!), we commonly find out about development projects that will be coming before the community. It just so happened that we were in a sifting mood today when we got an email from Fairmount Civic Association, advertising a Thursday night community meeting at which developers will present plans for a vacant warehouse at the corner of 28th & Cambridge.