Will Something Fun Take Over Former Liquor Store on Girard?

If you're looking for a large commercial space on an up-and-coming commercial corridor, 2511 W. Girard Ave. might be the place for you. This building, which sits across the street from Girard College at the corner of W. College Ave. and W. Girard Ave., was occupied for many years by a liquor store, which closed last year when the new one opened on 31st Street north of Girard Avenue. The building offered a nice convenience for the booze-seeking public, as it had a beer distributor right next door. Alas.

The building

Beer distributor next door provided two-stop shopping

There's been an MSC Retail sign on the building for the last few months, and we've been meaning to write about it ever since we first noticed the sign. We were reminded about the building the other day when we happened upon an Instagram post from MM Partners, communicating that they've purchased the property. According to the post, they're planning a strictly commercial use for the building which appears to have space on both floors. They intend to upgrade the facade of the building, using the look of an Australian coffee shop as inspiration.

Inspiration for the building, according to MM Partners

The brochure from MSC Retail indicates that the building has 5,500 sqft floor plates and we'd have to bet that the ground-floor will have some kind of retail space and the upper floor will be divided into office space. Considering the size of the ground-floor, we could also imagine breaking the ground-floor into two or even three spaces. This could be great news for Girard Avenue, which is slowly improving as new businesses open along the corridor. A map in the MSC brochure also shows all of the large residential projects that have recently finished or will soon come about. Looking at the map, this property could be quite attractive to all different kinds of tenants.

Map from the MSC Retail brochure

What would you like to see in this building?