Seventeen Homes Will Go Up on Lawrence Street

A couple of years ago, the NLNA approved plans for seventeen new homes at 814-32 N. Lawrence St., which was previously home to the Marcis Wire Works. A large red warehouse has been located on this corner for generations, but it was demolished at some point in the last couple of months.

In the past

Warehouse demolished

Looking at the minutes from an NLNA meeting in the summer of 2012, some of the homes will be fronting Lawrence Street, across the way from the first Duck Flats phase, and some of the homes will front Orkney Street. Each of the homes will have two-car parking, which seems to be a big selling point for both the neighborhood group and buyers in the area. FUSA Designs has done the architecture for the project, and a rep tells us that the water department has finally signed off on the project, opening the door for things to start moving forward.

Lawrence Street homes

View of the homes on Orkney Street. Same lady from the first rendering walked around the corner with her dog!

True, a mere two-year delay pales in comparison for the delays associated with the Duck Flats project across the street. Still, it's a significant delay for the developers, who surely had money sitting out there committed to the project for quite some time. Thankfully, the project should be progressing shortly, which means all those tied up dollars will soon be getting spent.

How do people like the design of these new homes? Is anyone sad to see the old warehouse go? Is two-car parking really necessary for these homes, or would one-car parking have been enough?

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