New Building Arrives on the 200 Block of Poplar Street

It was a return Saturday morning visit to Kaplans Bakery at 3rd & Poplar for a cheese danish and a cinnamon bun—that we sadly forget on the stoop where we stopped for a rest, that reminded us that the property nearby on Poplar Street was one we wondered about two Augusts ago, certain that it would be developed soon enough. We were reminded because it was vacant then and there is now a building there.

View from the west

Alas, a new four-story building that will include 12 units—a mix of one, two, and three-bedroom apartments from Streamline Realty, has risen on the site. Nearly complete, it is framed out, with the windows fixed in place, with some bricks laid and some additional sheathing to come. This project shows how the Northern Liberties Neighbors Association has maintained a consistent thread, holding developers to zoning code height standards, and considering the current character of a block when deciding whether or not to lend its support. The developers reappeared four times, tweaking designs each time to meet the requests of neighbors and NLNA. The initial proposal envisioned 18 units, and a fourth-floor without setbacks.

View from the east

These 12 units are poised to come online as the immediate area here, with 3rd & Poplar as a nexus, undergoes consistent residential development. From 233 Poplar St., you can see Liberty Estates, a nice, nearly completed project of nine new homes at 822-36 N. American. There's also the Bellagio project of eight new homes at 613-25 N. 3rd, with half fronting 3rd Street, and the other half fronting N. Bodine. Plus, right on the same block, the wheels are moving on projects both at 3rd & Brown—where developers are constructing five new homes, and at 620 N. 3rd St., where developer David Perlman, is currently working through designs with the NLNA for his proposal of a multi-unit building. That's lots of building taking place in an area that's already well suited, residentially speaking. Of course, the giant lot across the street, once home to the Ortlieb's Brewery, beckons as the big missing piece in the area.

Former brewery site across the street

It looks like that's the next big project on deck for the neighborhood.