Another Building For the 1500 Block of Ridge Avenue

We've drawn your attention to Ridge Avenue several times over the last few years, as developers have built new buildings on properties that were sitting vacant and/or blighted for as long as anyone could remember. A fine example of this phenomenon can be found at 1526-30 Ridge Ave., where developers tore down three eyesores and are now in the process of building a new triplex-wide mixed-use building. That project, from Trinity Realty Companies, will include eight condo units sized between 1,050 and 1,500 sqft along with an 1,100 sqft retail space. That building is now framed to the second story, while another developer is working on a similar project immediately next door which isn't yet out of the ground.

Looking at the 1500 block of Ridge Ave.

Project progressing at 1526 Ridge Ave.

Moving to the east on this block, a reader tipped us off about some zoning notices at the triangular vacant lot where Brown Street hits Ridge Avenue. Developers bought 1508-12 Ridge Ave. back in October, a purchase that came with approved plans for a four-story building with four units and parking. Perhaps looking at the density of other projects that have sprouted on Ridge Avenue, the developers are now going to the ZBA with a plan for eight units, two parking spaces, and a restaurant.

View of the property, 1526 Ridge Ave. in the distance

We aren't sure whether the developers have already identified the restaurant for their building or whether they're merely keeping their options open for a tenant to be found later. Either way, this project is more good news for a corridor that's improving by the day.

As is our obligation every time we write about Ridge Avenue, we'll now mention that the corridor will truly take off once all those shiny new retail spaces start filling in with new businesses, which is something that hasn't really happened yet to a large extent. We predict that there will be a domino effect, and that a couple of pioneers will pave the way for a bunch of additional businesses which will make the corridor even more attractive and help to fill in the gaps as the years roll along. What kind of business do you think could be the first domino on Ridge Avenue?

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