The Society Hill Playhouse has been an important piece of the Philadelphia theatre scene since it was established way back in 1960. But earlier today, we learned that this institution may soon show its final performance and new condo buildings will take its place.

Society Hill Playhouse

This morning, a reader emailed us with some second hand information that we're hoping somebody out there is able to verify/expound upon. Apparently, Toll Brothers will be appearing before the Washington Square West Civic Association later this month to present a plan to build two condo buildings on either side of 8th Street between Lombard and South. These five-story buildings will contain condos, and would ostensibly replace the two-story parking garage on the west side of the street, the surface parking lot on the east side of the street, and the building that currently contains the playhouse. The building dates back to the early 1900s but we don't believe it's certified historic.

Parking lot next door

Parking garage across the street

We reached out to WSCA and Toll Brothers, but have not heard back as of yet. We called the playhouse itself, and the person who spoke to us wouldn't give us any information over the phone- they said that they were willing to speak to us in person but we weren't able to get over there.

Has anyone out there heard anything else about this? Does anyone have any additional information? And if this is really in the works, would it be a terrible thing? A not-so-terrible thing? A good thing? We're certainly not averse to seeing the garage and the parking lot disappear, but it sure would be great to see the theatre building preserved. Anyone who can provide some more insight, it would be much appreciated. And of course, if and when we hear back from any of the parties involved, we'll be sure to update the story.