New Construction and Adaptive Reuse Coming to 2nd & Norris

A little less than a year ago, we told you about some duplexes that were in the works for the 2100 block of N. 2nd Street. At the time, we noted the presence of a ten story warehouse building on the 2000 block of N. 2nd Street and learned, to our surprise, that the building was in active use by wicker wholesaler Charles Schober Company. We commented that the building would make for a great residential conversation at some point, though we suspected that it would be quite a few years before such a project would come to fruition.

View at 2nd & Norris
Closer look
Looking up

Well, it seems it took less than a year. We were looking at the ZBA calendar earlier this week, and noticed 2024 N. 2nd St. on the agenda. Looking at the application, we see that developers want to convert the building into a 78-unit apartment building, with retail on the first floor. But that’s not all! The developers also own the land all the way down to Norris Street, and will look to build a couple of smaller, 4-story buildings, that add another 52 units to the project. In addition, the plans call for a total of 77 parking spaces for cars and another 49 spots for bikes.

The project was continued at the ZBA yesterday, but we’re hopeful that it will eventually get approved. After all, this would be a very significant project in this section of town, as it would stand as the largest market rate development in the Norris Square neighborhood in recent (and not so recent) memory. Also worth noting, this is different from the project we told you about last week on the 2200 block of Howard, both in terms of size and because it’s much further from East Kensington. We thought of the Howard Street development as an extension of East Kensington construction, but this project reads more as a northern extension of South Kensington development. With development pressure pushing from the south and east, it’s seeming more likely that Norris Square will soon see a considerable uptick in new construction. It’s certainly something to monitor, moving forward.

Meanwhile, if anyone has seen any images of the project at 2nd & Norris, please share some details in the comments. Or even better, send along a rendering!