Renovation and New Construction at 2nd & Carpenter

Wow, we hate when this happens. Just last week, we told you about some ongoing demolition at 2nd & Washington, where developers are planning a quartet of new duplexes. We also took the opportunity to update you on the progress of the renovation of the former Snockey’s Oyster House into condos, happening right next door. If we would have only looked a little farther to the north though, we would have noticed there’s some additional construction happening just a few steps away. Alas, a reader reached out to let us know about it, and back we trudged to the corner of 2nd & Carpenter.

View at 2nd & Carpenter

What you’re actually seeing here is two different projects happening at the same time. The property at the corner has historically been a triplex (though the first floor was surely commercial at some point), and it was listed for sale last year for $625K. Eventually, and probably because it needed a ton of work, it sold for a much more reasonable price of $375K. The new owners are now in the process of gutting and renovating the building, and we wonder whether the units will be rentals, like some many buildings in the area, or condos, like the projects at the southern end of the block. We’d bet on the former.

Next door, we see two new single family homes are under construction. This kind of infill construction is a bit of an unusual sight in this neighborhood, so we were curious to see what was here before. Check it out, with thanks to the Google Maps Street View Time Machine:

In the past

These two properties were listed for sale for over a year and a half, eventually selling for $575K earlier this year. 1002 S. 2nd St. had a former barber shop on the first floor and a 6 bedroom residence above. It was an easy teardown, especially when you consider the fact that the building was rather unremarkable despite the historic nature of the neighborhood. As for the garage next door, it certainly won’t be missed. The homes that are now under construction will surely sell for a pretty penny, as this block really desirable.

Looking south on 2nd Street

Given the established nature of Queen Village, you wouldn’t expect to find four different projects on one block but that’s exactly what’s happening right now. We just hope we didn’t miss any other construction on this visit, a third trip to this block in such a short time would just be embarrassing.