Pizza Place Growing at 4th & Queen

It was less than a week ago that we told you about some upcoming changes at 4th & Queen, mostly as an excuse to share the news that a new restaurant called the Bagel Place would be opening in a retail space on the southwest corner. A commenter (who also happens to be the chair of the QVNA zoning committee) was kind enough to provide some more color to our story, adding that the Bagel Place will have salads and sandwiches and that the owner wants to offer the “best bagels in Philly.” Consider the gauntlet dropped, Philly Style Bagels, Spread, and South Street Bagels. Watch yer backs.

Bagel Place coming soon

Now let’s turn our attention across the street, to the southeast corner. As we told you before, there was a zoning notice on this property but the application confused us and we weren’t sure we’d see any actual changes from the street. KJO Architecture, the design professionals working on the project, reached out to us to clarify that we will indeed see some changes on the street, as Little Italy 2 will be growing and the apartments above will be expanded and renovated. This addition will happen in a small space to the south of the building which has traditionally been used for trash collection. KJO was also kind enough to send along a rendering that shows what the addition will look like at the end of days. Or perhaps just at sunset.

Current view
Project rendering

The ZBA approved this project yesterday, so be on the lookout for things to move forward here in the near future. In the meantime, enjoy the view of the cartoon customers having a nice meal in the new restaurant space, and the cartoon residents enjoying their balconies… maybe for the last time.