A couple months back, we passed along news that Breezy's Cafe would be changing locations after spending under a year at a less-than-ideal location at 20th & Reed. After Thanksgiving, this little neighborhood spot closed their doors and began working in earnest at 1200 Point Breeze Ave., formerly home to Munson Manor. The photo below shows that their old space is shuttered and currently available for rent.

Earlier this week, they opened the doors at their new location. The exterior of this space has undergone a huge transformation, as we foretold.

The larger windows and the exposed brick are a huge upgrade from what we saw here previously. Similarly, the new interior is a huge step up. The interior space is roughly doubled. Large windows mean it's got much more natural light, creating a brighter space. There's seating for over thirty, and several of the tables have game boards shellacked into the wood. Makes for a cool look.

Not only is the location roughly a hundred percent better in terms of visibility and foot traffic, but the addition of this business at this spot will hopefully help create momentum on the commercial corridor. There's already a coffee shop across the street that we frequent from time to time, and a CDC office will soon appear on another corner of this intersection.

Point Breeze Avenue is a hugely important commercial corridor in this neighborhood that's unfortunately languished as the neighborhood has struggled in recent decades. The only hope for its revitalization lies in the slow growth of commercial uses flowing from north to south down the Avenue. We can only hope that others see the commercial development taking place at 20th & Federal and are inspired to make similar investments in other properties on Point Breeze Avenue.

Now if you don't mind, we're off to Breezy's to grab a bite to eat.

Disclosure: OCF Realty is the developer for this project, and is the parent company of Naked Philly. That's why there's an OCF logo in the top right corner of this site 🙂