The little lot at 108-110 Titan St. was easy to miss. It was so easy to miss, the Redevelopment Authority probably didn't think they'd face any opposition as they planned to sell it to developers back in 2012. But it turns out that a group of neighbors were in the early stages of cleaning up the property and restoring it into the functional pocket park it was conceived as around the Bicentennial, so the PRA scrapped their sale plans. In 2013, we shared the good news that the Friends of Titan Park had received a grant to work with the Community Design Collaborative to plan a sustainable redesign for the park. As they moved through the process with the CDC, they made significant improvements to Titan Park.

In the past

Current view of Titan Park

A closer look

Yesterday, we got an email from the friends group, sharing the news that they've gotten funding from the City to undertake a full renovation of Titan Park. They're now working with the Department of Public Property to finalize a design, though that effort is being informed by the neighborhood's work with the Community Design Collaborate. On their Facebook page, they've shared a (kinda low-res) rendering of the current plan for the park, which is still subject to change.

Rendering of the park

Looking at the current state of the park, it's already improved so dramatically in a short period of time. Looking forward, we'd guess that the community is very excited to see additional improvement at this little public space- already, it's much tougher to miss than it was just a few years ago.