If you find yourself near Passyunk Square (the park itself, not the neighborhood named after it), you might notice a large warehouse on the northwest corner of 12th and Wharton Sts.

While no one has recently mistaken Passyunk Square for Rittenhouse Square, it does seem strange for this large, seemingly vacant warehouse to sit underused on what could be a fantastic corner. According to a long-time neighbor, the warehouse is not vacant, though it may seem to be to the casual observer passing by. D’Amico Plumbing does business out of this address, and parks their truck inside the warehouse. Speaking with their answering service, we learned that Mr. D’Amico might be looking to retire sometime soon, so it seems possible that the building could become available sometime soon. This would be a good thing for the neighborhood, as a warehouse sitting on 4500 sqft. of land and only housing a plumber doesn’t seem like the best use, especially with the park across Wharton St. and fancy new houses potentially on the way up 12th St.

Doesn't look so welcoming.

Park across the street