Demolition on the Horizon Across From Liberty Lands

We had a meeting in Northern Liberties this morning, and after it wrapped up we were scrounging around the neighborhood, thinking about grabbing a bite to eat. Heading up 3rd Street, we were momentarily distracted from our belly rumblings by a fresh looking demolition notice. The industrial building at 952-56 N. 3rd St. is a throwback to the history of the neighborhood, a streetscape that was once dominated by manufacturing. Now, of course, fancy homes filled with people looking for a good brunch spot is what dominates Northern Liberties. (Editors note: brunch is the best)

Demo notice posted

This building was occupied for decades by a company called Hagendorf & Sandy, a printer and a bookbinder. But the business closed this year, auctioning off all their equipment over the summer. As you could probably guess even without the demo notice, developers have purchased this property with an eye toward redevelopment. The thing is, we don’t know what’s planned here as of yet, as we only see demo permits at the moment.

The property is zoned CMX-3, which opens up a world of possibilities for the parcel once the current building comes down. The 48′ x 133′ dimensions of the lot, however, are something of a limiting factor. If they’re looking to build by-right, we have to think that the developers will build a five-story apartment building with between 30 and 40 units and roughly a dozen parking spaces on the first floor. With a variance they could build five large homes with a drive-aisle going into the property, or perhaps ten condo units instead. As for what the community will want to see here, we couldn’t tell ya, but residential would seem to be the most logical approach.

Liberty Lands, across the street

And honestly, who wouldn’t want to live here, with Liberty Lands directly across the street? Also, 2nd Street, the Piazza and Liberties Walk are just a few steps away, making this a prime location for someone that wants to be able to walk to neighborhood businesses. Has anyone heard anything about what we can expect here? Does anyone have an idea about what the community would like to see?