Stop Work Order, Er, Home For Sale, At 25th & Ellsworth

A reader reached out recently, bringing our attention to a rather unique rehab that’s for sale on the 2500 block of Ellsworth Street.¬†2515 Ellsworth St.¬†previously wasn’t exactly a welcoming abode, with worn stucco on the front and a ‘Keep Out’ sign in the window.

In the past

Developers bought the property last fall for $55K and set about renovating. If you visit the property today, you’ll see it has been completely transformed into a home that strongly resembles a ‘Stop Work Order.’

Current view

The home is listed for sale for $329K and includes 2 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, and a finished basement. The facade might make you think of Christmas, but the interior is actually pretty nice, as far as we can see from the images in the listing.

A peek inside

Speaking of the listing, it correctly notes that this property is close to Washington Avenue but omits the fact that the home sits very close to the 25th Street viaduct and that railroad onramp to the viaduct. This is the last home on this side of the street, and the yard backs up to some dense greenery that surely shields the home from some of the noise from the passing trains. Remember, we looked the CSX tracks from another angle a couple months ago when we told you about some new construction on the 2500 block of Alter Street. Still, the people that end up moving here will primarily have this view:

So close to the CSX tracks

Because of its location on the 2500 block, this place is a very good value compared to newly rehabbed homes on the other side of the tracks. We’ve mentioned before, we’ve seen additional developer interest in Grays Ferry as Point Breeze prices have climbed and this is just the latest indication. This project could and should portend others in the future; we just hope that those future projects will have similarly exciting facades. Or… maybe not.