We bring development opportunities to your attention on a fairly regular basis, and it's always satisfying to see a developer jump on one of our recommendations. The most recent example can be found at 1711-15 Fairmount Ave., a parcel that sits between a mixed-use building and Stone's Beverage Center. We told you about this property last year when we discovered 'For Sale' signs, and we encouraged anyone interested to call the phone number on the signs and make an offer. Public record doesn't indicate that the property has changed hands, but it came back on our radar because it went before the ZBA this week (and got appoved!).

Current view of the property

Though we don't see a transaction in public record, the permit application suggests that the buyer is MJL Properties. This developer has done a bunch of projects in Spring Garden and Francisville, and we actually just mentioned their Wylie Street project last week. The project on Wylie Street involves eight condo units, but we suspect that the project on Fairmount Avenue will result in rental units. The plan calls for a four-story building with a commercial space on the first floor, ten apartments on the floors above, and four parking spaces, accessed via Olive Street. The project could have probably packed in more parking, but that would have cut too much into the retail space in our estimation. As for what's coming to that space, we do not know.

The new building across the street

This project comes on the heels of 1720 Fairmount, a similar but larger project that looks like it's nearing completion across the street. Since our last visit to this place, the building has gone from brick-color to white and it looks like people have started moving in. Also, Bar Hygge, from the Earth Bread + Brewery people, is set to open this fall. We're not optimistic that the retail space at 1711 Fairmount Ave. will have a tenant this cool, but the improving climate on Fairmount Avenue in recent years gives us the feeling that they'll be able to find a tenant that adds something new and interesting to the mix.