Eight Homes Under Construction on the Edge of Fishtown

The past few years have brought significant changes to the small square block bounded by York Street, Gaul Street, Belgrade Street, and Gordon Street. Just a handful of years ago, this block included two homes, a meat distributor, and a plumbing business and felt like a snapshot of Fishtown’s traditional blend of residential and industrial uses. But as we’ve documented, industrial uses have been on the outs in Fishtown as the recent real estate boom has overtaken the neighborhood, so it’s consistent that those changes would be apparent on this block. To wit, the meat distributor was replaced by Medusa Pizza a few years back (the space that also accommodates a Green Eggs location during daytime hours). The plumbing business at 2319 Gaul St. is also gone, and a residential development is rising in its place.

In the past

We could have sworn we told you about this property previously, but can’t seem to discover any old stories about it in our archives. If we had told you about the property before, we would have covered it sometime in the summer of 2016, when the 6,700 sqft parcel was listed for sale for $1M. The property eventually traded for $750K and went through the zoning process to get approvals for an eight home development. Four homes front Belgrade Street, four homes (now getting framed) will front Gaul Street, and the drive-aisle will be accessed via Gordon Street. The homes will be fairly standard new construction fare, with 3 bedrooms, roughly 2,500 sqft of living space, granite countertops, hardwood floors, and all the other stuff you’ve come to expect. Prices will start at $600K.

Current view
View on Gaul Street

Until a few years ago, like we said, this little block was incredibly representative of the rest of Fishtown due to its mix of residences and industrial buildings. Its current/future state, ten homes plus a restaurant that does brunch food during the day and artisanal pizza at night, seems like a pretty good reflection of the Fishtown of today. Some residents might lament the changes to the neighborhood, but some amount of industrial use will surely stick around in Fishtown moving forward. From this address, you don’t even have to look too far, with a beer distributor and a large auto repair shop just around the corner on York Street.

Disclosure: OCF Realty, owner of Naked Philly, is the broker and contractor on this project.