Meandering through the River Wards the other day, we spied a vacant building at 2530 E. Hagert St. that we had never noticed before, even though it's been in poor condition for several years. Something about the property gave us the feeling that developers already had this property in the crosshairs, and we were on the money in that regard. The property traded about a year ago, selling for $95K, and we have to think it won't be long until the owners tear down the blighted building and construct a new single-family home here.

Vacant building at 2530 E. Hagert St.

Things are a little more nebulous across the street at 2501 E. Hagert St., a property we've had on our radar for at least half a decade. A little over a year ago, we told you that the owners of the property were planning to demolish the former hot dip galvanization plant and build 23 homes in its place. This made sense, as the same development company built the 30-home Hagert Square project on the 2400 blocks of Hagert and Letterly. A commenter on our last post indicated that some members of the community were concerned about the demolition of the toxic building while others were upset about parking even though the proposal included 1:1 parking for the new homes. After the ZBA rejected the project, the property changed hands last spring, selling for $1.26M. We don't know what's next for this property, but we'd have to think it will be some variation of the previous plan. At the very least, we feel pretty confident that the building's hot dip galvanization days are at an end.

Vacant building at 2501 E. Hagert St.

And then there's 2600 E. Hagert St., a property we don't really know anything about. We know it's owned by the MYL Corporation, per public record, and that it measures almost 46K sqft. And we know that it's been sitting empty for a really long time. And… that's about it. You'd have to think that a developer could do something really special with a parcel of this size. Or they could, more likely, build a collection of single family homes.

Vacant lot at 2600 E. Hagert St.

For the sake of completeness, we should also mention 2601 E. Hagert St., a property that isn't even remotely a development opportunity. There's a 3-unit condo building here, which was built a few years ago. Those lots next door though… look for something to happen soon.

Condo building at 2601 E. Hagert St., built a few years ago

It's not the most exciting, but we think see something happen at those lots at 2603-05 E. Hagert St. before we see something happen for any of the the other properties at this intersection, large or small. Still, every little project helps the neighborhood improve, right?