New Homes Sprouting Up on a Couple Blocks of Emily Street

Just last week, before the Eagles were SUPER BOWL CHAMPIONS, we visited the 600 and 700 blocks of Dudley Street and told you about all the new homes on those blocks. Just a bit to the south of Dudley Street is Emily Street, where we see a similar phenomenon playing out. First, let’s peer eastward on the 700 block of Emily.

Looking east on the 700 block
Halfway down the block
Check out this cool home
Big community garden on the south side of the block
New homes under construction near 7th Street

There’s a lot going on here. In the first image, we’re looking at the block from its western side. You can see, in the foreground, a V2 Properties home that was built in 2015. Further down the block, we see another V2 home as well as a two-story home that’s got a huge front window. That home, 729 Emily St., was purchased in 2016 by developers that own several other properties on the block. We have to think they did some work on the home, as photos from an old listing show a place that needed a little TLC.

On the south side of the street is a large lot that’s owned by the City. While we’re usually opposed to this sort of thing, this is actually a decent situation, where the City lots are being used as a large community garden. Just a few short years ago, the lots were sitting vacant, so a community garden is a huge step in the right direction. Further east on the south side of the block, we see four homes under construction. Three of those are from a developer called Sophisticated Investments, a company that also owns some other lots on the north side of the street. The fourth home under construction is yet another V2 home.

Bunch of newer homes on the 600 block
Big vacant lot on the 600 block

The 600 block has less excitement, but more opportunity. Roughly half a dozen new homes have gone up on this block over the last couple years, but we don’t believe there’s any active construction on the block at the moment. There is, however, a huge vacant lot on the north side of the street, and each individual parcel is owned by a different entity. If someone were able to cobble together several of these properties, they’d be able to build a superior product to the other homes we’ve seen in the area, with wider footprints and better layouts. Then again, the stuff we’re seeing around here is selling as quickly as it’s completed, so why mess with something that’s already working pretty darn well?