Say Farewell to a Pair of Buildings on West Girard

Look out, Girard Avenue has two new mixed-use buildings on the way. And these buildings are coming at the expense of some solid, if unmemorable old buildings that have housed who knows how many businesses over the years. First, let’s consider 2613 and 2615 W. Girard Ave., which are located right in between the five-story Braverman Building and the one-story Dollar Tree. The buildings have most recently been home to a chiropractor and an insurance company, as the signs on the buildings indicate.

Zoning notices
Big new building next door

You’ll notice that there are zoning noticed posted to both buildings, which indicate a plan to tear them down and replace them with something shiny and new. That shiny and new building will rise five floors and include retail space on the first floor and 12 apartments on the upper floors, assuming the ZBA gives the thumbs up. It should come as no surprise that the developers behind this project are MM Partners, a company that’s made Brewerytown development their bread and butter. Not coincidentally, these developers also built the Braverman building, so it’s probably safe to assume that this project will blend in nicely with its neighbor.

More demolition coming, to the east

We now turn our attention one block to the east, for a nugget of new information about a property we’ve covered once before. Over the summer, we told you that MM Partners (‘natch) had purchased Santoro’s Beer Distributor at 2517 W. Girard Ave., and a public art installation was keeping the building interesting while the developer figured out a plan for the property. It seems they’ve figured out that plan, and they will be demoing the building and constructing something very similar to the project we just described on the 2600 block. This one won’t blend in quite so nicely, as there’s a one-story building next door that’s seen better days. Given the recent history though, we figure it’s only a matter of time before this building meets a similar fate.