After Demolition at 31st & Jefferson, What’s Next?

Recent years have brought numerous changes to 31st Street in Brewerytown, and additional changes are in the works. On the 1400 block alone we can point to three different projects, two of which wrapped up this year, with a third just getting started. The completed projects include the Annex @ Brewerytown, an apartment building on the northeast corner of 31st & Master, and the Pointe Brewerytown, a 49 unit building immediately to the north of the Annex. Across the street, Westrum has recently began work on their project to build a couple hundred units on the west side of the street.

Great mural on the relatively new rentals 31st & Master
The Pointe building next door
New project under construction on the west side of 31st Street

Making our way to the north, we recently heard from a reader that a large warehouse got demolished at the northeast corner of 31st & Jefferson. As you can imagine, this will be another example of industrial use transitioning in this neighborhood into residential use. The owners here are Equinox Property Group, and they’re looking to do something similar to the projects we’ve just mentioned. According to permits, the plans call for two new buildings on the site, one shaped like an ‘I’ and one shaped like an ‘L.’ Between the buildings, there will be 52 apartments, and it appears each building will have retail space on the ground floor. The project will also include 57 parking spaces. This may seem like a ton of parking spots for this location, but that’s become the standard for new construction projects in this neck of the woods.

In the past
Current view at 31st & Jefferson

Looking north, Equinox also owns the building next door that was formerly a Peco warehouse. We hear they’re doing some work on that building too, but we don’t see any permits just yet that indicate what’s happening there. Seems like a safe bet that it’ll be a residential conversion, but whatever it is we’re just hoping the old building will stick around.

Looking north on 31st
Peco building, getting renovated

The addition of all these units to this section of Brewerytown can only mean good things for the nearby Girard Avenue commercial corridor. We’ve seen incremental improvement on the corridor over the years, but it could soon be poised to make some major strides, as all these new neighbors seek out amenities close to home.