Construction Next to Stalled Project on Stiles Street

When we were checking in on multiple projects on 27th Street last week, we also noticed some new framing underway around the corner on the 2700 blocks of W. Stiles and W. Cabot Streets. We’ve visited these blocks before, notably in the fall of 2015 when we described a plan to subdivide the street to street property at 2712 W. Stiles St. and build a new duplex on Stiles and a new duplex on Cabot. That proposal was denied at the ZBA for reasons we do not understand, but we were hopeful that the developers would appeal or come back with a different idea for the property. Sadly, the two story building on Stiles and the empty lot on Cabot are sitting as they were back then, and we don’t see any new permits on the property.

But what about that new framing we mentioned? A reasonable question indeed. The new framing is happening to the west of the aforementioned property, as you can see in these photos:

View on Stiles Street
From Cabot Street

At 2711 W. Stiles St., developers are building a single family home, and next door, from what we can tell, a duplex is under construction. On Cabot Street, the single family home at 2714 W. Cabot St. is being renovated, and a duplex is under construction next door. Why duplexes are okay here but weren’t acceptable just two doors down we may never know, but perhaps with that project under construction and some time having passed, the developers at 2712 W. Cabot St. might give their project another try and may get a different result at the ZBA. Or maybe they won’t, it’s rather tough to predict this stuff.

One more thing worth mentioning, there’s a new home coming soon at 2707 W. Stiles St., immediately to the east of the stalled project. Developers got a zoning variance for that property in February, so could be getting started on construction in the very near future. And oh by the way, as we told you before, Etting Street has a bunch of new homes just to the south. This little section of Brewerytown is officially lit, now if only the stalled project on the block could get a second wind.