What Will Take Over a Large Space on South Street?

We’ve had a soft spot in our heart for the 700 block of South Street for a long time. Right out of college, we had a friend that had a (much nicer than expected) apartment above the liquor store and another friend that lived in one of those weird fortress-like houses on the north side of the street. So we spent some quality time on this block, regrettably eating Domino’s after a night on the town, wondering exactly what was going on at the former Senor Rattlers, and discussing how one block of South Street could possibly support three furniture stores. Today, Domino’s remains, Banh Mi and Bottles has opened in the former Senor Rattlers, and all the furniture stores are gone.

Looking east on the 700 block of South

One of those furniture stores was located at 734 South St., and that space was combined with the former Eargasm at 736 South St. to create a larger space that was home to the Busybee Homestore and Design Center. A few years ago, an ILoveKickboxing.com franchise took over the space when Busy Bee moved to a new location. The other day, a reader reached out to give us the heads up that ILoveKickboxing.com would be closing on June 10th, and wondered about what kind of business would take over the double-wide space.

ILoveKickboxing.com is closing

As we’ve seen first hand, this block has continually evolved over the years, with most of the spaces on the block turning over at least once. With Banh Mi and Bottles seemingly thriving in a long cursed space, and Brauhaus Schmitz succeeding in another former furniture store for almost a decade, this space could be a winner for another restaurant concept. Any number of other retail concepts could also work here in this double wide space. What would you like to see here? Aside from a restaurant, what kind of business do you think would have a good chance of succeeding here?