Who Can Explain This Confusing Blight in Fairmount?

After a delicious lunch at RyBread, we were walking around the neighborhood, enjoying the balmy March weather, when we noticed this building, sticking out like a sore thumb.


This one story building on 23rd St., just north of Green St., is in terrible disrepair. Peering into the windows, we saw some older laundry machines and what looked like a tree growing out of the middle of the place. According to the Zoning Archive, a launderette had operated in this building since the late 1940’s, but we couldn’t tell you when the place closed down. We’d assume quite a few years ago.

Typically, when looking at blighted buildings, we look at public record to determine who owns the place. In this case, we’ve come up empty. The former launderette, as it turns out, is connected to 2231 Green St., the building immediately to the south.

Attractive building to the south

Years ago, this building went condo, and public record only reflects the information for the five people who own the apartments in the building, but not the identity of the person who owns the blighted building in the rear. A dead end.

So let’s rely on institutional memory. Does anybody in the neighborhood have any additional info on this property? How long has it been vacant? Who owns it? Why doesn’t anybody redevelop it?

Seems like a no-brainer, no?