After a healthy Sunday brunch at Belgian Cafe, we took a stroll to work off some of the effects of the omelet and Blood Mary combo. We had made it about a block and stopped dead in our tracks when we noticed a row of eight houses that appeared to have been beamed from Arizona to the corner of 20th and Green Sts. Not to say that we’re experts in Southwestern or Spanish architectural styles, but even our keen yet tipsy eyes could tell that these houses did not belong among the generally enormous classic row homes on the block.

We did a little research and determined that these houses were built 35-40 years ago. They have about 1000 sqft. of interior space, on two levels. Is it a split level with the lower floor half in the basement? We’re not sure, but that would certainly make sense because they sure look like single story homes from the outside. The houses have two car parking in the front, and backyards about sixty feet deep. We imagine that the builders had something they were shooting for with the shallow houses and the huge yards, we just can’t figure out what it is. In the past couple of years, two of these houses have sold for $315K and $350K. Considering some other properties, on similarly sized lots, have sold for twice that, we’d say that the original builders could have squeezed a little more value out of those lots. But hey, variety is the spice of life.

There was a lady in the far house who was yelling at us for taking this picture. Fortunately, she didn't make it into the shot.

We think that it’s totally cool that these houses exist, and have historic designation to boot. Anyone know anything more about their history? Who built them? What were they thinking? We’re still scratching our heads. And with all this thinking, maybe craving a mimosa.