Closed. Forever?


According to conflicting reports, Illuminare, the Italian restaurant at 2321 Fairmount Ave., is possibly no more. While a small sign on the door suggests that the establishment will only be closed through Labor Day, we’ve heard whispers that the Fairmount fixture might not return. Their website seems to indicate as much. We hope that Illuminare comes back because we love the delicious brick-oven pizzas, but what if it doesn’t?

With restaurants, retail stores, coffee shops, a gas station, a pharmacy, and a giant historic prison all within a couple of blocks, we don’t imagine this space would remain vacant long. Presuming Illuminare doesn’t make it back, what would you folks in Fairmount like to see in its place? Another restaurant? Perhaps a restaurant with a similar concept but different owners? Perhaps a waiting annex for Mugshots? Or maybe a Wegmans?


Please feel free to shout your suggestions/ideas into the abyss. We’re listening, we promise!