West Girard Avenue is going to be receiving several bright additions in the very near future. Fairmont CDC (Community Development Corporation) spent Martin Luther King Day, along with more than 20 gracious volunteers, transforming trashcans from drab to fab (yes, these trashcans are fab), which will help to keep West Girard a clean, litter-free street (also a crucial element is Philly locals actually using them).

Professional artists had a hand in this as well, making this trash receptacle collaboration something we can’t wait to see (generally we don’t get excited about trash) as they will also serve as small pieces of artwork that have been sprinkled around the area. Fairmount CDC had planned for the unveiling to be on February 25th, but do to some seriously crazy weather conditions, it has been postponed. A date has not yet been set, but FCDC will be keeping the public posted via their Facebook. We will definitely be keeping our eyes peeled for the day we’ll get to see them in person!