Update: Viewing Murals Through Construction

Last month, we pointed out two murals that would soon be covered by new construction. Autumn, located at 9th and Bainbridge Sts., received an outpouring community support to try to save it. A far newer mural, created as part of the BetterBlocks program and located at 18th and Christian Sts., was revealed during demolition of the building that had housed it.

18th and Christian Sts.

In the past month, the new buildings have been framed out on these corners. Despite this, parts of the murals are still visible. In a matter of a couple of weeks, both will likely be covered.

Autumn, today
Some parts of the mural are still visible
Image of the neighbor's son holding a bird, from when the mural was painted
Will this part of the mural survive?
18th and Christian. Will there be a legit cornice?
Shot of the mural, through the timber

As we said, it won’t be long now for either of these murals. We suggest you take one more look, while you still can.